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Spiritual Principles of Building Relationship - All About Connection

Historic Webinar Recording

In this 4-hour teaching webinar Sal Gencarelle will present universal and specific lineage teachings about relationships. 

Life is created and defined by how we are in relationship to ourselves and others. We are beings of relationship, to grow through relationship, and to actualize through relationship. Who are we but the constant movement of our inner and outer relationships? It is through relationship that we can truly know ourselves and can come to know others. With all that understood, don’t you think that knowing  principles of relationship is important? What if I told you there are some basic guiding principles to how connection is formed, built, maintained, and developed? 

Join us for this 4-hour webinar on the Spiritual Principles of Relationship. On this webinar we will take this complex topic and offer teachings that are easily applied into all aspects of your life.

Additional Topics: 

  • Universal teachings of relationship
  • Building the inner relationship to self
  • The true meaning of Sovereignty
  • Feeling the pull of the 'Ropes of Connection'
  • Developing the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine
  • The union of the masculine and feminine
  • The transformational stages of relationship
  • The ultimate expression of relationship
  • Specific lineage teachings on relationship

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar.


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