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Environmental Health Through Creating Inner Balance

Historic Webinar Recording


In our next teaching webinar, we will look at how the inner and outer realities are connected, with a focus on creating balance within ourselves to heal the external world around us. 


As the Hawaiian statement says,

"The health of the land is in the balance of the people."

As with all indigenous cultures, they can sum up a deeply connected life process within a short succinct statement.


If we reflect deeply on this message, it can reveal a whole world of understanding about how to navigate the times we are in and help us to find ways to heal the world of nature by healing our own internal reality.


At this time, the health of the natural world is a direct reflection of the internal imbalance within the human family itself. It is undeniable that our natural world is suffering as a direct result of how we are in a profoundly disconnected state with ourselves and nature.


As the 'Rainmaker' story suggests, we can influence and heal nature by restoring balance within ourselves. The healing of self to support the recovery of nature is an important concept to explore and apply. The many environmental challenges that are becoming more frequent across the earth mustn't become what we consider the 'norm.' They are great messages of wisdom that support us to look deeper inside and help us see the significant imbalance within us as humans. Our outer existence directly informs us of our own internal reality. 


Join us for this two-hour webinar where Sal will share understanding and practices to create balance within oneself to help support a positive effect in our environment. 

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Teachings from the 'Rainmaker' story
  • Inner self as reflected by our external reality
  • Ways to transform the imbalance
  • The health of the land is in the balance of the people
  • Healing nature through balancing ourselves
  • Techniques and practices to create harmony within self
  • Righting the wrongs for the future generations


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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