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Life Skills, Prayer and the Challenges We Face

Historic Webinar Recording

The times we knew were coming are here.  How we approach them is up to us

We are being affected by the sickness, travel restriction, social distance, and quarantine. There is no denying them at this stage the world has changed - most likely permanently. 

The current situation of Coronavirus and quarantines will pass, but what about next time? We can take this opportunity to learn and prepare now! There is an increased risk of sickness and our societies shutting down in the future. What will you do next time? Will you be ready? 

Within this Extended teaching webinar we looked at:

  • Spiritual Communication for Guidance
  • Tracking Patterns and Staying Ahead of the Changes
  • Understanding Needs vs. Wants 
  • Mindset Teachings of Survival/Life Skills 
  • Mindset shift - Expelling the Fear
  • Releasing Resistance and Finding Serenity
  • Grounding Routines 

It is not just business as usual anymore. We need to make some changes and face the reality of the world as it is. There are many different ways to approach the situation, yet there are simple things we can do to prepare.  We can navigate these times and circumstances in a healthy way.

Here at Helpers Mentoring Society we believe in building a stronger more resilient community of people to help in these times of uncertainty.

Learn how to find certainty in an uncertain world.

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