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Stories From My Teacher - Part Two

Historic Webinar Recording


In the continuation of our Stories from My Teacher series, part two focuses on the stories from Sal's own experience with the learning of a spiritual path and the life of his mentor.


Many people may dream of having an indigenous mentoring relationship that builds one's own spiritual power and understanding. However, most modern people would struggle to undertake this path in the traditional way. Traditional mentoring is not easy, and nothing is given freely. It is earned in the only way it truly can be, through dedication, sacrifice, and self-healing. 


Sal has undertaken this journey, and in this webinar, he will be sharing stories of his life with these teachings and his direct experience of this path. From before his time with this lineage, to life upon the reservation, to the present day, this story continues to unfold.  


"Go Pray about It"


The above statement was the guidance offered by Sal's teacher most, if not all, of the time when he asked basic questions. The mentoring support he received from his teacher enabled him to develop his deep relationship to this creation - and work with it. 


In this two-hour webinar, Sal will share stories of humor, tragedy, and dedication on his path to develop the understanding he holds.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The initial seeking
  • The teachings of the "Beautiful One" 
  • Meeting the Powers - and being healed
  • Life of my mentor - who was the most powerful "Medicine Man"
  • The destiny of the carriers of life
  • Synchronicity - The spirit is everywhere
  • Choosing to take one step towards spirit = 100 steps  
  • Ignorance and knowledge 
  • The learning journey - indigenous pedagogy and ceremony
  • Go pray about it
  • Life on the reservation 
  • Pivotal moments of healing and change
  • The journey to what the teachings are today 


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