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How to Work with Sacred Questions - Turning Challenges into Gifts

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At the core of mentoring is the power of questions. Understanding how to work with the power of questions is critical to our personal growth and our ability to help others grow. Questions are the handle on the doorway to new experiences, understandings - and new worldviews. 

'Sacred Questioning' is a process within every indigenous mentoring relationship. Sacred questions use the gift of emotion and focus to make possibilities become a reality. 

When applied correctly, sacred questions can help us achieve a more healthy, happy, and connected life. Through sacred questioning, we can transform the challenges that we experience in life into gifts. Challenges then become life areas linked to healthy growth that supports us to live our full potential as human beings.

"Are we asking the right questions?"

Within this extended two-hour webinar, Sal Gencarelle, the founder of Helpers Mentoring Society, will delve into asking sacred questions that create helpful responses that support us to grow as individuals within the connected whole.  

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Questions guide reality
  • What are you 'really' seeking?
  • Developing 'Sacred Questions'
  • Understanding Points of View in creation 
  • Creation always responds - perceiving the communication
  • The process of making resourceful meaning
  • Wrong questions = unwanted response
  • Questions and Mentoring 

Join us to understand how to bring this profoundly connective practice into your own life and support your own connected development. 

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