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We Are The Bridge - Ancestors to Future Generations

Historic Webinar Recording


In our last ancestral focused webinar, we looked at simple practices to tend and strengthen the ropes to the ancestors. In this webinar, we want to look a little deeper into our responsibility to honor this process and its potential to affect the future. 


Past, Present, and Future - We are the link between the Ancestors and the Future Generations


If we do not tend these relationships, then we pass that responsibility to the next generation, which includes the compounded potential trauma of our own lives added to the ancestral lineage.


Continuing to do the same things and expecting the outcome to be different is a definition of insanity


We are the ones that hold the cord between our ancestors and the future. We have the opportunity to fully embrace the responsibility of our time. To pick up the ropes that we have to our ancestors, celebrate their wisdom, heal that which requires healing and build a solid foundational bridge for moving into the future.


There is ceremonial support available that can profoundly impact the healing of the connections between the ancestors, us and those that are yet to come.


Join us for this two-hour teaching webinar where Sal will offer a more in-depth approach to the healing and tending of the ancestral lines, why this is so important right now, and the ceremonial support that can expedite this process. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Developing a healthy relationship to the past 
  • The gift and responsibility of living in these times of change
  • Tending the directional ropes of time
  • The ancestral support available to you
  • The perspective of Karma (as understood by Sal Gencarelle) and how to work with it
  • Life and the healing journey through time
  • Simple ceremonial processes to help the healing of your own ancestry
  • Ways to work with ancestral communication 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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