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What is Prayer?

Historic Webinar Recording

Prayer is one of those loaded words in the English language. It can conjure up the historic traumas of our ancestors that relate to religious suppression, dogmatic practices and colonization.

It is time to find a new relationship to the power of prayer and what it can do for us. Our pre-colonized ancestor new the power of prayer to support health, well-being, and balance in the community. They knew the power of prayer to influence and communicate to nature. This understanding was stripped away and replaced with dogmatic suppression - and instilled fear of the old ways of prayer. 

In this extended webinar about prayer we will explore the power of prayer as a means for developing the deepest connections and creating positive transformation. We will teach about prayer from specific indigenous lineages and offer formats to make your prayers a great service to yourself, others and nature. 

From an indigenous perspective, prayer is about connecting deeply with oneself in the most intimate way, reaching into the very core of what resides in our hearts and then expressing it.  Prayer is about our personal relationship to ourselves, other people and the natural world and how we manifest our highest self into reality. It is a way of being that incorporates how we conduct ourselves in the world as authentic beings, living in awareness of our connection to everything.

At this time in history we find many people are feeling more and more isolated from each other and the natural world we live in.  Come and learn about how to connect on a deeper and more intimate level with your spirit and creation though prayer. 

In this 4 hour offering we will deeply explore:

  • The concept of prayer from multiple perspectives
  • Accessing the power of you being 
  • How to connect to and offer that prayer to creation
  • Indigenous prayers formats and advanced concepts/language 
  • Practices to help reframe our relationship to prayer

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