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Life Force Communication for Personal and Planetary Well-Being: with Jacqueline Buckingham and Sal Gencarelle

Historic Webinar Recording

Both Sal and Jacqueline are coming together again to bring their teachings of how to use interspecies communication to create health and well-being for yourself and your environment.

We can communicate with more then just the animal nations. Using the same communication techniques we can speak to the less visible aspects of nature: elemental beings, the devic realms and the land itself, as well as our inner parts of being. 

Communicating with these aspects of life is a vital part of creating a healthy body and a healthy planet.  We can communicate and collaborate with the ‘subtle’ realms of nature to create a healthy ecosystem.  When we are in conscious communication with our bodies, including viruses and bacteria, we can work together to bring about a state of vitality and health within ourselves.

Within this 4-hour webinar we will offer both deep teachings and practices on:

  • Holding positive communications with all life forms
  • Internal body communication for healing
  • Interspecies Communication with elemental beings and the devic realms
  • Life-Force communication
  • Communication practices to support health and well-being


Join Sal and Jacqueline for this extended teaching webinar offering practical ways for you to develop your own communication with different species and the spirit to gain access to a connected way of moving into the future.


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar 


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