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Well-being and Connection During Covid

Historic Webinar Recording

We are happy to be restarting our extended teaching webinars for 2021 and we are taking a  new approach to help make these more accessible for people. Our next webinars are condensed to a two hour teaching format.

In the first teaching webinar of 2021 we will be looking at maintaining connection resiliency during these covid-19 times and offering practices to support the continuation of well-being despite the lack of human to human connection. 

As this time of isolation and lockdown continues it may be taking a toll on peoples ability to keep themselves thriving. We all have will-power but this will only take us so far. As the pandemic continues on, the strength to keep the connection alive can wain, leaving a swathe of unhelpful patterns in its wake. We need to have resilience but this is not gained just through pushing on with inner-strength. Despair and lack of hope are common stories during times of long term separation form the things we love and hold dear.

We want to offer some practices and guidance that create connection, love and creativity - even in what may feel like dark times. 

Join us to explore the ways in which we as humans can create connection resiliency for our selves and others - and simple practices to maintain this level of well-being.

Within this webinar we will explore: 

  • Building connection resiliency 
  • Regular human need for purification
  • Inner dialogue - monitoring for resourcefulness 
  • Rebalancing back to connection
  • Regulating our nervous systems
  • Habitual connection forms
  • Supporting others through tough times

Join us for this 2 hour in-depth webinar where we will share stories and practices of connection resiliency to support well being for us all during the times of Covid and lockdown. 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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