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Connection Clarity - Untangling the Ropes of Connection

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If the ropes of connection between us and others are unclear, then the interactions we have can be confusing. Clarity of connection is of paramount importance for creating healthy interactions between ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Maintaining this clarity is an essential aspect if we hold positions of leadership within our communities.


We all have the capacity to connect. We build ropes of connection to that with which we interact with. We can tend these ropes to deepen and develop what we are connected to. Through our interactions, we not only build an understanding of 'others' but also of ourselves. The ropes of connection help us to understand and relate to all of creation. 

Wisdom traditions acknowledge the importance of having clearly defined ropes of connection. Clarity of relationship is reinforced constantly in wisdom traditions and lineages, even down to the language. For example, not addressing all aspects of creation in kinship terms is considered disrespectful! 

It's important to note that the ropes of connection change over time and it is imperative to adjust the ropes we have to be clear and healthy with our interactions.


If the ropes become entangled then it can open the doorway for confusion. If the tangle is not righted, then it will create more and more confusion. Entangled ropes of connection can effect more then just individuals - it can be present within whole societies and cultures as we can clearly observe today.


In this 2-hour webinar we will dive into the topic of connection clarity, its importance, and how to achieve it:

  • Clarity of connection 
  • Entanglement of the ropes 
  • Unclear relationships destroy cultures
  • What is yours - what is others - knowing self 
  • Confusion as an entity
  • "Diss-connection" as a form of connection
  • Untangling ropes
  • Cutting ropes - creating the ultimate transformation
  • The importance of clear ropes within leadership and communities


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