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Aspects of the Human Spirit

Historic Webinar Recording

What are the 4 aspects of spirit? How can we access each part of our "spirit" for deep communication with the eternal and unseen? Learn these mystical teachings and more as part of the 4-hour webinar teaching. 

In this 4-hour teaching webinar Sal will discuss the 4 aspects of the human spirit, how they function, and how we can communicate with each aspect in different ways. Learn to become conscious of all parts of the spirit and develop your ability to communicate in powerful ways with the seen and unseen world. 

We will also explore the concept of reincarnation. The context of our own life journey can become clearer when we can see it as part of the ongoing process of all life. The physical manifestation of our own form here upon the earth is an important part of the journey, not only of our own spirit but also that of the spirit of creation itself. This is the journey of many lifetimes. 

Here is a little of what we will cover in the webinar

  • The Birth of Spirits
  • Spiritual Consciousness  
  • The 4 Aspects of Spirit 
  • The Guardian Spirit(s)
  • The Difference Between Spirit and Soul
  • The Sacred Breath
  • A Different Understanding of Reincarnation 
  • The Road of the Spirits


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