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Ancestral Connection - The First Rope to Deeper Spiritual Development

Historic Webinar Recording


Historically, the fall season is a time of year to celebrate and remember the ancestors. It is understood universally by ancient cultures that the veils are thin between the living human world and the ancestor realm. 


According to the wisdom of the oldest continuous cultures on earth, the first connection to the most sacred of relationships is with the ancestors. The ancestral relationship is of great importance within deeply connected cultures and is known to be a foundation to the journey of spiritual growth.  Trying to climb the rope of spiritual connection without having a strong ancestral relationship makes the journey difficult. 


Creating healthy ropes to the ancestors will offer a more significant opportunity to live a vibrant, connected future.


We are all a living manifestation of our ancestry and the many paths that they have lived. We all have an unique opportunity to tend the relationships to our ancestors. Who else can do it but us? If we don't tend to our ancestors, who will? 


There are many simple ways to approach the ancestral connection and bring it to healthy alignment where forgiveness, healing and love can flow between us and our ancestral lineage. 


This is the season to offer gratitude and healing towards those that have walked this earth before us.  


Join us for this two-hour teaching webinar where Sal will offer stories and simple practices to create and strengthen the ancestral connection of health, happiness and love at this time of year.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The season of ancestral honoring 
  • Accessing communication with the ancestors
  • The importance of healthy ancestry relationship
  • Direct spiritual ropes of connection
  • Why build a connection to the ancestors
  • Simple practices to tend, honor and heal our ancestors
  • Connecting to your own lineage
  • Forgiveness - Letting go of the judgement - Offering love


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