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Social Justice - Lineage Teachings

Historic Webinar Recording

In our next teaching webinar, we want to explore the topic of Social Justice and offer lineage teachings that can offer support around making this a healthy connected process

Social justice is a hot topic right now that can offer clear indications of the healing that the human family needs to undertake. However, if we approach this healing journey from the same modern contextual framework that created the problem then we are in danger of actually creating more disconnection.

Embracing greater than human-centric perspectives on life can offer the opportunity to heal the roots of injustice - rather than just the symptoms. By approaching the healing of injustice holistically, many symptoms are treated at the same time by transforming the root cause.

Disconnection and "power-over" relationship dynamics have been lived for centuries. Wounds and griefs of the past have not been bought back into balance with essence of life. Societies around the world are enacting injustices that create more disconnection and thus the cycle continues.

Join us for this 2-hour webinar where Sal will offer teachings to support an approach to social justice with the wisdoms of the ancients teachings:


  • Justice for ALL
  • Cultural appropriation - a spirit perspective
  • What is righteousness and how to live it
  • The three laws - Human, Natural, Sacred
  • Accountability - Who is accountable?
  • Perspectives have consequence
  • Lineage teachings on social justice 
  • Righting the wrongs
  • Distinct identity connected to the whole 


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