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The Potential of a Connected Human Being

Historic Webinar Recording


During our recent free one hour webinar we skimmed the surface of the potential of what can be created through a human being developing and living in connection. There was some energy within that webinar that we would like to explore on a whole other level

In this 4 hour teaching Sal will delve deeply into the potential that connection can have upon the healing of the earth. This is beyond many peoples comprehension as it falls into the bracket of miraculous. Something that is not considered possible. But through the development of specific connections the potential of what can become manifest, is vast and mysterious

The time for changes to happen on a purely physical level has passed and so we must look to something deeper, something that is connected to a time and place before this physical reality existed to make the shifts that need to be made. This has the potential to have impact beyond what science informs us is possible, but it requires connection to be built. This is understood to be the Great Mystery and its power is that unmistakable force of Love.

Join us to explore the potential layers of connection a human being can work with and the powerful creativity that can be manifest through those connections here upon the earth

Within this webinar we will explore: 

  • Building connection capacity 
  • Affecting change through connectivity - What is possible?
  • Miracles of connection 
  • The pathway of developing specific relationships
  • The role and responsibility of a connected human being 
  • Layers of creation a human can work with
  • Working with Altars
  • Living a vision as a manifested expression of connected relationship


As Human Beings we are, on one level, at the leading edge of the creation process here upon the earth. With everything we do we are influencing this reality and beyond. We are mini creators in this way. What is it possible to create through higher levels of connectivity within this creation?

Join us for this in-depth webinar where we will share stories and practices of connectivity to support life into the future and open the doorway for miracles to occur 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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