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Connection Every Day - Developing a Full Sense of Self

Historic Webinar Recording

The next in our teaching webinar series is looking to explore the fundamental process of relating in this world. The only true way of knowing who we are in this creation and what we are here to do, is to understand our relationships within it.

As a human being we are a part of creation and we have certain alignments within its structure. To understand what these are and how to work with them we need to be able to identify these connections. 

What are these alignments and how do we find them out?

Developing an awareness of connection everyday helps us to observe the pattern language of what we are related to within this creation. Nature is our easiest access point to this understanding. Through our awake interactions with Nature we can start to see the patterns of how creation moves within us, and how we move within creation. Only then can we look at what we do with the gift that we are in this world and the medicine we work with. This can be understood to be ones spiritual purpose.

Within this extended two hour webinar Sal will delve into the practices that support us to experience our own living connections and through these connection rituals get a sense of the medicine or gift that we are within creation and how to work with it. 


Here is what we will cover in the Webinar. 

  • The Process Behind the Indigenous Concept of 'All My Relations"
  • Life Says 'Yes' to Everything We Ask For
  • Living Connection Everyday - Multi-Sense Awareness
  • Pattern Language of Connection 
  • Practices that Develop Deeper Levels of Relationship 
  • Recognising Connection -  Beyond the Mind
  • Connected Cultural understanding - The Power of Mentoring 


This journey can only be made by yourself. The support of mentoring along the way can significantly help develop the understanding but ultimately the journey of understanding ourselves is our own and it is only understood through experience.

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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