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Gratitude - A Corner Stone to the Human Future

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We begin and end all things with the expression of gratitude. This is not a trite or meaningless practice; it is an intentional act of tending the relationships to creation and part of developing a state of living in gratitude. In this webinar, we will explore why feeling and sharing gratitude will be essential in the coming times we face.


We live in a creation that is based upon relationships. From the human perspective, this has been forgotten for a long time, causing some serious spiritual imbalance that needs addressing now. The human being is not tending to the relationship-based reality; like all relationships, when it becomes so one-sided, the relationship goes sour. 


Gratitude is a role given to the human family by creation, and we are failing in our duty to feel, express, and offer it. 


A lot of grief is moving in the world now, and it is coming to the surface and bubbling over. It can be very easy to be swept along with the tide and torrents of societal grief and the trauma of individuals surrounding us. Yet, staying centered amid these currents can be found by living within a state of gratitude. 


Within this lineage is an understanding of the importance and power of gratitude. It is an essential component of healthy relationships on all levels. Being grateful is a process we must do to remain in spiritual balance with creation. With the consciousness transition sweeping the Earth, gratitude will be a cornerstone for the human family and its ability to transform with more graceful ease. 


Join us for this webinar, where we will share ways to bring about gratitude as a state of being and the positive effects this can have on creation. 

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • What is it to be grateful
  • Gratitude is not a thought
  • Gratitude as a creational force
  • Beginning each day by offering gratitude
  • Ways to practice being grateful
  • The importance of gratitude on a creational level
  • Ceremonial offerings of thanks - Yearly Wopila
  • Grief and gratitude - The intrinsic link
  • Ownership through gratitude
  • Building a state of being grateful
  • Going without to understand what we are thankful for - Components within ceremony
  • Offering gratitude to life - Human role upon the Earth


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