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Stories From My Teacher - Part Three

Historic Webinar Recording


In part three of our Stories from My Teacher series, we will look at where we are now with this lineage's story. The journey has not ended, and as the 'medicine' of this lineage continues to move and impact the world we live in, we are all involved in where this goes next. 


In the previous webinars we explained the origination of the spiritual medicine and how it was expressed in the family lineage. In this next webinar we’ll explore how the medicine has impacted so many people and communities around the world – everything from professional sports teams to nature connection communities. We’ll speak about the Great Spiritual Healing of humanity and how we are all part of this medicine.  


How do these ancient teachings about life move forward into the modern context?


The energetic movement of the medicine from one source to many others is an essential component of the story. How has the healing moved over the past few centuries and what is prophesied to occur in the future is all part of this next webinar.


Medicine is placed upon the earth for a reason. It is a process of change, a new consciousness designed to bring about a different way of relating to creation. It continues to work and move through life, manifesting itself in this reality. We are all part of that creational process. 


In this webinar, we will share stories and teachings about the spread of the medicine, what’s happening now and what is moving into the future.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The Lineage continues
  • Creativity as an ongoing process
  • Defining the Medicine
  • The ‘One Becoming Many’
  • Impacts of the lineage into the present
  • Current manifestations of the medicine
  • Reciprocal approaches supporting systems thinking 
  • We are all a part of this medicine - We are the continuation of the story
  • Prophecies and moving into the future 
  • Hope and life – how to access this for yourself


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