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Stories From My Teacher - Part One

Historic Webinar Recording


Stories From My Teacher Part One is an exploration into the history of the Woptura lineage where so many of these healing cultural teachings have come from.


This lineage has many important events and teachings. The stories and teachings presented in this webinar will include the history of the lineage during pre-reservation life on the continent of North America until the time of the 1970s. 


Many of the tribes and nations had their culture and spirituality systematically stripped in an orchestrated fashion by the colonization process. The Woptura lineage was uniquely spared from cultural genocide and was allowed to continue through the darkest times for Native American spirituality. 


The medicine will find a way as long as there are those willing to carry it. 


In this webinar Sal will share stories which hold lessons on how to live, passed on from his teachers and from the history of this lineage. These stories hold wisdom from the ancestors that is as important now as it was then, if not more so. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Lineage Medicine and Altars
  • Woptura lineages impact on the world
  • The history of Holy People and Sacred People
  • The 3 powers of Holy People
  • How ceremonial practices moves through time
  • The teachings of the Grandfathers
  • Grandma's tales 
  • Stories of Crazy horse and the lineage
  • Family lines of medicine 


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