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Group Mentoring with Sal Gencarelle

Sal Gencarelle is providing a limited number of personal and group mentoring opportunities for 6 months. This is for people invested in meeting their current goals, living fully, and become the leaders they desire. 

Historically, people have been part of tribes, villages, and communities of deep relationship. People were surrounded with a network of people who could provide guidance, mentoring, support; who would ask deep and challenging questions. This level of support is missing in most people’s lives now, and it’s hard to replicate on the historical scale. What is available now is professional mentoring.


  1. Personal Growth - The missing ingredient in people's personal growth is mentoring. Personal mentoring accelerates growth and focuses on individual well-being. The goals of this mentoring are directed by the mentee.
  2. Advanced Connection Practices (Lineage Teachings) - Helpers Mentoring Society has ties to several powerful earth-based wisdom traditions which have combined to create a unique lineage - focused results. For those who are ready, we offer mentoring in this wisdom lineage. Lineage mentoring provides teachings and trainings about specific tools and techniques.
  3. Business of Connection - This mentoring is specific to those who are running schools and trainings who are seeking guidance on how to improve what they are delivering. Helpers Mentoring Society's staff have worked with educational technology and techniques for many years and can offer support from our experiences.

 Group Mentoring Includes: 

  • Two 1-hour group mentoring calls per month (2nd & 4th Fridays at 8:30 am PST)
  • Free access to all new 4-hour webinars after purchase of group mentoring
  • 1 multiple day virtual gathering
  • Downloadable resources 

  • Access to exclusive blogs, videos, and instructional materials

  • Focused on your specific and personal need


Sal Gencarelle' s Mentoring Credentials:

I have been coached and mentored continuously from the age 15, and I’ve offered professional coaching/mentoring for over 25 years. Having first-hand experience with mentoring, I can state confidently we need to have people who can listen to our experiences, to reflect us, to challenge us - to help us to grow. Mentoring helps us be successful in our goals and rise to a higher level of excellence. I recommend that you find a mentor if you don’t already have one and make sure that they have walked the path you’re desiring to live. The journey to connection, wellness, and fulfillment is not well understood by today’s societies. Learn and be helped by people who know the route because they have traveled that road before, or even blazed a new trail. This connection journey will have its challenges and having someone on your side to help you create your success is priceless.







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