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Thanks Giving - The Role of Humanity

Historic Webinar Recording


Offering gratitude is one of the first healing ceremonies and is understood to be part of the "original instructions" given to all people. The gift of giving gratitude is an essential action that human beings need to preform in the process of co-creation. 


The importance of giving thanks is often overlooked in its potential to heal and create healthy connections in life, yet it is one of the simplest ceremonies. If every human being awoke one morning and offered out to creation that which they were grateful for, the world could be transformed.  


Gratitude is such a powerful force it can actively change our perception of the world!


Human beings have the choice to be grateful. Modern society doesn't often support or reinforce the benefit of expressing gratitude - so its importance can easily be forgotten. In this day and age we can forget the exceptional gift of what it is to be alive.


The indigenous understanding of gratitude and our responsibility to work with it would profoundly benefit this generation and create a healthier future - and its effect could be instantaneous!


Join us for this two hour webinar where Sal will explore stories of the origins of gratitude, the healing power of giving thanks, the necessity of being grateful, and ways to make gratitude ceremonies an everyday practice. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The role of humanity to live gratitude
  • Finding gratitude in your life
  • Multiple ways to offer thanks
  • Indigenous understandings of giving thanks 
  • Being grateful during times of challenge
  • The transformational power of offering thanks
  • Expectations destroy opportunities to be grateful
  • Different practices of gratitude - everyday ceremony
  • Achieving the perpetual state of gratitude in life
  • 30 day gratitude challenge 


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