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Bringing the Vision to the Village

Historic Webinar Recording


Many of us hold in our hearts a vision of how life can be better, but how do we manifest this into reality? How do we bring it to the village?


In ancient cultures around the world, holding a vision would be understood as being beneficial to all life, and because of this, it would be supported by the whole village to become manifest. There is a deep sense of connection within a community aligned to the spiritual nature of creation that has little resistance to supporting a dream to become a reality.


We all know life is struggling under the weight of human beings' disconnection from themselves, other people, nature, and the spirit. Some can see this clearly and want to help. But how do we support a culture or community that has been removed from connection for so long that it has many forms of resistance to healing and change? Grief, trauma, and historical patterns born from disconnection must be navigated on the journey of bringing vision back to communities. 


Leaders must have clarity within themselves to manifest the vision of life back into the Village.


With modern societies so entrenched in disconnection, considering it "normal we must create good designs to re-implement connection into the village. For many today, even the basic awareness of connection is buried deep behind the walls of trauma. Not only will we have to navigate grief in others, but the griefs of leadership may also arise within us. 


This webinar will offer teachings on bringing deep connection and vision back to the communities we work with and provide support to leaders in activating this.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Building the village - Community design
  • Now that we have the vision - how do we manifest it? 
  • Who are my people? 
  • Griefs and pitfalls of leadership
  • Mentoring vs Teaching
  • Unconsciously incompetent to Unconscious competence - 200 yr plan 
  • Navigating grief and resistance within the village
  • What is authentic personal authority
  • Holding the higher mind and bigger picture
  • Remember why we are doing this
  • Starting small - Building the foundations for change
  • We cannot teach what we don't know ourselves
  • Process of manifestation - Lessons from ceremony
  • After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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