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The Knowing is in the Doing

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To truly know something, we must go through a process that allows us to embody the experience into our whole being. To know something is to live it.


We hold multiple forms of consciousness that can experience life and develop. One of the purposes of being in the physical form is to grow the Spirit through experience. To do this, we go through the journey of life itself. We have the opportunity to choose to fully embrace the experience we have with all its emotions, physical challenges, mental concepts, and spiritual awakenings.


Every day is an opportunity to grow our heart, mind, body, and Spirit.


The modern context holds the learning of the intellect as paramount. However, this is only a fraction of our ability to experience life; at best, it is a constructed map of reality based upon what we think we know. It cannot process what it feels like to connect to others, nature, and the Spirit. This can only be known by experiencing it for oneself. 


The Purpose of Life is to Live


To know something is to live the experience so fully and deeply that we know it in our whole being. We become the experience, and it shapes us into a new form with a new perspective that, if lived, can significantly help all creation. This can be understood to be Authentic Personal Authority. We know it in our bones because we have lived it. Living is not passive; we must approach it with great awareness and consciousness.


There is a saying, 'The Knowing is in the Doing'. This statement holds life wisdom so great and yet so simple. Life is a journey, not an end result, and understanding is not developed solely within the mind. We must move through the confusing experience before our minds can make meaning or sense. Only through having the experience can we learn and change our perspective on reality and our Spirit can truly learn something in the crucible of life.


This webinar will offer teachings on the importance of experience for the holistic growth of the human being and ways in which we can approach life to learn the most from each experience.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The knowing is in the doing
  • Experience is your greatest teacher 
  • Don't think a feeling, feel it 
  • The four parts of self
  • The purpose of life is to live
  • Struggle and challenge as the greatest teacher
  • Learning the new language of experience 
  • Experiential learning as opposed to mind maps
  • Living in the moment
  • Authentic Personal Authority
  • Making meaning 
  • Knowledge becomes wisdom through experience
  • Growing the spirit through living fully
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