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Interspecies and Spiritual Communication

Historic Webinar Recording

Both Sal and Jacqueline are coming together again to bring their teachings of how to communicate across species and to the spiritual realms that can help guide us with the times we now find ourselves in as human beings.

This time it will be on a much deeper level and we will include practices of how you can develop this for yourself.

Within this 4 hour webinar we will offer both deep teachings and practices on:

  • Accessing states of communication outside the human family
  • Seeing through the eyes of other beings
  • Explore the ways in which animal communication can support all animals during times of natural disaster
  • Working with human communication on the same level
  • Spiritual communication and the forms it takes
  • How animal perspectives can support human understanding of life
  • Practices to develop clear communication 
  • How to work with this communication and what to do with the information you receive

We all know by now that human beings need to change. But how do we as humans know what change to make? If we make these changes with the same mindset that we used to create the problems then the cycle begins again. If we seek the wisdom from outside our own thinking we will gain a greater clarity on how to move forwards in connection for life.

Join us for this extended teaching webinar where we can offer practical ways for you to develop your own communication with different species and the spirit to gain access to a connected way of moving into the future

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar 


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