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Tending Ancestral Relations

Historic Webinar Recording

We are the product of our ancestors lives

It is time to tend and heal this connection, for a healthy connected future

This extended webinar will focus upon the importance of building and tending the relationship with the ancestors at this time in human development.

It has always been the case that the wisdom of the ancestors has guided the actions of us as humans towards a healthy future. With that connection all but gone what do we face? A disconnection sickness that threatens the very survival of the human family. Our modern cultures lack connection at their heart, the natural world suffers at our own hands, the children have little wisdom or mentoring on how to live in this life. We face these times now, and we chose to come here to be a part of this change.

Connection and healthy relationship to the ancestors holds a key to navigating this healing and creating a healthy more connected future for all our relations to live in.

This 4 hour webinar will include

  • 4 full hours of teaching over zoom 
  • How ancestral connection holds a wisdom for our time
  • Why this broken connection impacts what we face today
  • Exercises and practices to create, tend and learn healthy connection to the ancestors
  • How we can bring about a cultural shift by building ropes to those who have gone before
  • How to work with this connection to bring about healthy change
  • Full access to the recordings from the webinar

If you are feeling your ancestors calling, then join us for this webinar and help the future by healing the past.

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar 


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