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Preparation For Questing - Know Your 'Why'

Historic Webinar Recording


This webinar is the first of a four-part series where we will discuss the Vision Questing process. We will look at an often-overlooked part of making the most out of the quest experience, the preparation, and will offer key components in the process of approaching a Vision Quest.


Preparing oneself for a Vision Quest is an essential component and could be understood as the foundation for all that follows. Without a clear and solid foundation, the quest experience can be haphazard and confusing.


Preparing for the Vision Quest determines how the ceremony will unfold.


As we know, seeking guidance from source beyond human society is a part of peoples ancient calling. Humans search for meaning, understanding, support, and deep connection. Vision Questing is an incredible ceremonial format for meeting this innate human need. Questing offers the chance for pinnacle moments of connection where wondrous understanding and connection can be accessed. However, to achieve the efficacy of this deeply connective process, one must be fully prepared. 


The initial part of any quest is to recognize a need or question that is deeply sensed within us. Through this recognition we find the motivation to go on the journey and activate the quest. It is vital to prepare and reflect as to be clear on what we are seeking and why. Finding the why in the deepest parts of our being is essential - and will directly impact the response we finally receive.


Knowing your why is the fuel of the vision quest.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Setting the intention
  • What are we seeking?
  • Why are we seeking?
  • What are you willing to do for the change you seek?
  • Becoming what you ask for
  • Guidance and support - The village
  • Timespan of preparation
  • Creating healthy questions/statements - Aligned within the context of life
  • Preparing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • Purification as preparation
  • Clarity is key

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