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A 4-hour webinar on supporting children's learning and growth through the best of modern education, indigenous mentoring, and universal spiritual teachings.

Many parents and educators are on the front lines, dealing with the massive upheaval of society caused by Covid 19. They are supporting the youth to face an uncertain future. From pandemics, climate change, to violence in the classroom, overstressed parents and overwhelmed teachers, our youth have been bombarded with challenges on a scale unknown to previous generations. Parents and educators continually step forward to support their children to learn, grow and adapt. 


This webinar will be hosted by Sal Gencarelle and a special guest Sharma Gencarelle (Sal’s older sister). Sharma Gencarelle has 30+ years of experience as an educator and administrator in public and private school settings. She has a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. Sharma's focus in school settings is to support social-emotional development in young children and families, offer young learners positive first school experiences, and to get kids and adults out into nature as much as possible!


M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
M.A. Educational Leadership and RYT, 200-hour

Sharma's personal yoga practice spans her lifetime. She began formally  teaching yoga to children and adults in 2017 and opened her own yoga studio, BeeWild Yoga, in 2018. Her vision for BeeWild Yoga is to offer inclusive workshops and retreats that integrate body, mind & spirit for the purpose of personal evolution, healing, creative expression and Earth connection. Sharma also creates and sells yoga-inspired jewelry, art, and gifts from nature through her home-based shop on Etsy.


This webinar is for you if you are a parent, educator, mentor, or work with the youth or even just care about how to address the challenges the youth face. As adults, we have a duty to support the next generation to develop into healthy, happy and hopeful adults. Meeting this calling is becoming increasingly difficult. Join us for this 4-hour teaching/training in which we will be offering resources, mindsets, and new approaches to support parents and educators to navigate the times we are in. 

Topics Included:

  • Early Education
  • Defining Development Outcome Goals
  • Indigenous Mentoring Alongside Modern Education
  • Nature as the Ultimate Classroom
  • Supporting Spirituality for the Youth
  • Understanding Stages of Development

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar.


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