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Questing - The Art of Seeking Deeper Wisdom

Historic Webinar Recording

The season for questing is approaching fast and we are hearing people’s desire to sit within the wisdom of nature and spirit to seek a greater understanding within their lives.


Questing has always been the way that people access these grander perspectives of life and to seek guidance on how to walk in a healthy way within its context.


Quests can take on many forms, but it is important to know what you are seeking, why you are seeking it, and what you will do with it if you find it.


However, we choose to quest, one thing is understood. If we approach this seeking from deep within our hearts and with the humility of a human being as part of the whole, then creation will respond. The quest on its own however is not enough. The preparation, integration, and activation aspects of this journey are as vital as the quest itself.


In this two-hour webinar we will explore ways in which you can approach a quest for yourself as well as how you can be part of a community supported process to deeply seek your own vision within life through this time-honored process.


  • What are you seeking - From guidance to vision
  • Quest formats - Need = Format
  • Preparation - Maximizing the potential of the quest experience
  • On your own, or community supported?
  • Creating quest energy within self
  • Offering - Giving the effort as part of the quest
  • Supporting others to quest
  • Integration and actioning - Manifesting the vision
  • International questing opportunities held by Helpers Mentoring Society in 2021


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


There is a deep need that has pushed beyond the surface at this time for people to seek a greater than human perspective for the times we live within. 

We are and have always been an integral, activate part of the questing process and it is not enough to seek knowledge. We must act upon that which we receive in order for the health of the insight to become manifest in life


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