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Quest Integration - Living the New Way of Being

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The last of our four-part series discussing Vision Questing will focus on one of the most important aspects of a quest, integrating all that was learned and living this new way of being.


Questing is a powerful aspect of becoming a human being, but it is not enough just to have the experience. One must harvest all that can be understood from the quest and live that new way of being in the world for the process to have the impact that it has the potential to create. 


When we go through a quest, we are changed. It may be subtle, and we may not consciously understand what is different, but we become something new. It will take time to grow into these changes through exploration, reflection, and communication. It can be like expanding into a new framework of reality and learning how it works. We can do this by working with the spiritual relationships we have created through questing. 


We quest for a reason. If we don't live what we were shown, then why quest?


There are many layers of what can be received in a quest, and it can take time to understand what was given. Unfortunately, all too often, this refection and integration process does not occur. Without this, the quest can fade over time and become just a memory of an experience. This will not make a difference in the world, and the changes we seek so often do not come about because of this failure to reflect and integrate. 


Nothing Happened ?!?


This webinar will offer ways to harvest and integrate the understandings from the quest experience and bring them to life. It is an ongoing process, much like any relationship.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Harvesting and reflection - Drawing out the learning
  • Integration period - 4 days to 10 years  
  • Quest spots to clarify the nuances 
  • Making Meaning
  • Mentoring Support - Questioning to bring deeper reflection
  • Questing into the future to develop/clarify the communication 
  • Newly developed relationships
  • Integrating the new way of being 
  • We are responsible for what we know
  • Living into the future - Walking the walk 
  • Working with the new relationships - Guidance and support
  • Offering gratitude within a year - Wopila


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