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The 4 Sacred Gifts

Historic Webinar Recording

My mentor would often say that there are 4 Sacred Gifts that were give to all humankind to help us on the path of life. 

A long time ago there were 4 Sacred Gifts that were given to all of humanity. These sacred gifts were tools of connection that helped the people remember and know how to live upon this great Earth. These powerful tools of connection were brought to the people at different times in history, given to them by the ancestors when humanity was crying out in desperation for help during periods of great suffering and need. These gifts are the Sweat Lodge, the Vision Quest, the Sacred Pipe, and the Drum.

Just before I stepped out of the shadows of anonymity years ago during a period when I was seeking some guidance, I was given insight and instructions from the ancestors. I was shown the terrible suffering and the extent of the conditions the ancient people were living in at the time they cried out for help, along with the degree of need and their desire to live. I saw their cries being heard and the sacred gifts that were then delivered to them. I was also shown the celebrations of the people and the renewal of all aspects of life as the gifts they’d been given were utilized and honored.

I was also witness to the people setting aside those tools of connection, both by choice and by force. As more and more people stopped using these gifts they became increasingly more disconnected, and both the people and nature began to suffer as a result.

We have now come to a time and age where these gifts are hardly being used any more. Even the knowledge that they once existed as part of all cultures around the world has been forgotten. The gifts of connection have only survived into the modern age in small pockets, guarded carefully by some of the most tenacious people. We are very fortunate that these people knew that the sacred gifts are how we, as a species, survived in the past and that their awareness that our future survival will depend upon them yet has ensured the knowledge of how to utilize these tools was kept safe.

Many people are currently looking and hoping for something that will help unite the people and return us to a balanced relationship with nature. Many people are praying and calling out for help; but the issue is not that we need something new - the gifts have already been given to us. The issue we face is that we are not utilizing what we already have available to us.

The teachings of the Helpers Mentoring Society are part of the solution to remedy this situation.  

Join us for this 4-hour webinar to explore the 4 Sacred Gifts:

  • What are the 4 Sacred Gifts
  • Legends of how the 4 Sacred Gift came to humanity
  • Specific teaching about each gift
  • What these gifts provide to humanity and the natural world
  • How working with the 4 Sacred Gifts heals on all levels
  • Actions you can take to learn and grow now
  • How to learn more! 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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