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Language of the Land, South Dakota USA: June 2023

Nature Connection, Survival Skills and the Lakota Culture
Black Hills of South Dakota 
June 26-29, 2023 

The 8th annual Language of the Land camp is scheduled to be held in the Black Hills of South Dakota in June 2023. The host campground has swimming access to a beautiful lake and marina!


This camp is an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come into a deeper relationship with themselves, people and nature through the traditional values informed by Lakota Culture and other indigenous cultures.

During the Language of the Land camp, the participants will be immersed in a village which will focus on how to bring a deeper sense of connection into their lives. The foundation of the camp's activities will be based on the indigenous techniques and practices of the pre-reservation Lakota culture.

The activities of the camp will include the following:

  • The use of Deep Nature Connection core routines
  • Learning basics of survival skills
  • Lakota language and ancestral living
  • Traditional cultural immersion

The camp is a multi-generational immersion into facilitated connection which assists in the growth of the individual and the community in the context of the natural world. Using ancient and proven methods enhancing interpersonal relationships the camp activities will focus on increasing the overall well-being of all participants, including the instructors, and any facilitators.

The daily activities will have 3 focus groups:
• Children – Ages 5 - 11
• Teens – Ages 12 – 17
• Adults – Ages 17 – Up (Adults with children under 5 will have to keep children with them, or provide other care)

The camp will be providing 3 meals a day and have a variety of snacks available between meals. There will be a dedicated camp kitchen and a staff to co-ordinate meals.

This camp is being provided to all Native American participants for no charge. Non-native participants are asked to contribute $357 to help offset the costs of the site, food, transportation and other expenses.


To ensure we can offer this opportunity to the local Native American people free of charge, we are seeking donations to support the activities of the Connection and Healing Camp.  Our current needs include the following resources:

Current needs include the following.

  • Gear - For youth and families in need
  • Food – enough to provide 3 meals a day, plus snacks and refreshments for all participants
  • Wood – enough for central gathering fires and tipis
  • Vehicle - Fuel and transportation
  • Tipis – for camping and protection during rainy/stormy weather
  • Staff – Local Native American Staff

We are also taking applications for volunteers from anyone who would like to be staff for the camp. Volunteers can email Sal at the address provided below. Skills needed: survival skills, permaculture, group facilitation, team building, youth counselling, and cooks.

Financial contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and will be dedicated to the support of the Language of the Land camp.
To contribute please use the following options:
Pay Pal:

In Gratitude,

Salvatore Gencarelle

Founder/Director Helpers Mentoring Society
[email protected]


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