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Check Your Privilege

Historic Webinar Recording


The concept of privilege pervades our modern societies in multiple ways. Many are obvious, like the privilege of money, class, and ethnicity. But others are more subtle and lie within the subconscious areas of our own perceived reality. It creates an unnatural status within the human family that greatly impacts the relationships between human beings - and the creation itself.


Many of these privileges can be bought into awareness when we personally experience the other side of privilege. This can bring about empathy and a deep understanding of what we take for granted in our own lives. Many traditional ceremonial practices remind humans to release this narcissistic idea of entitlement.


To truly connect with another, we must be able to lay down our own notions of privilege to see other’s perspective. This process is the same if we wish to connect with another human being, an element of nature, or a spiritual creative consciousness.


Human reality is often informed by the beliefs we hold. Many of the indigenous earth-based ceremonies help to remind us of the humility of what it is to be alive and the importance of our relationships to creation. The protocols and processes of the ceremony itself systematically strip away the narcissistic ego and open the doorway to the humility of connection.


As a species, there seems to be this predisposition to forget. We quickly get used to the comforts of modern living and forget what a gift they are. But, more importantly, we forget the value of the relationship.


The only real privilege we have as humans is to take care of each other and the natural world. This is truly a privilege of human existence.


We must become aware of and navigate our own conscious and sub-conscious beliefs of privilege in this world to find the place of humility to access the deeper holistic and healthy was of being in connection.


In this teaching webinar, we will explore the importance of being aware of our own personal privilege and how to navigate this to develop greater avenues for relationships to take place. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Different types of privilege
  • Expectations of reality
  • The human condition of forgetfulness
  • Wants vs needs
  • Human privileged belief = Arrogance, ignorance and disrespect
  • Privilege from a spiritual perspective
  • Privilege vs responsibility
  • Self-awareness of the modern privilege
  • Survival as a great developer of relationship
  • Regular access to ceremonies to remember
  • Gratitude is an antidote to privilege
  • Ceremony educates us how to live

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