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Developing Authentic Personal Spiritual Authority

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One of the core struggles that modern people suffer is self-doubt in regard to personal spiritual communication and relationship. People are taught at a young age to mistrust their deep inner knowing that is part of their innate spiritual connection. How to heal this inner disconnection is a key aspect of the work of Helpers Mentoring Society.


Healing the doubt of the true spirit connection and developing authentic spiritual communication is a critical part of the "Great Healing of Humanity".


Life is based upon relationships. We could literally say there are ropes of connection between us and all that is. Part of being a human-being is to tend to these relationships and maintain them in health and happiness. This is not always easy, as a large amount of unprocessed trauma needs to be navigated. We must truly know our own authentic spiritual selves to do this effectively.


To have an authentic understanding of who we are, we must heal the past, and connect to the deepest intuitive aspects of ourselves. 


Human-beings are an expression of the creation, and our forms reflect the creative process. The most obvious of those are the male and female forms. The masculine and the feminine expressions are another way humanity expresses creativity.  Clearly knowing our personal relationship to these aspects of life is important in being in a healthy relationship. This is where the uniqueness of ceremony helps us to understand the spiritual perspective of the masculine and feminine and how they work together. This balance needs to be found within us before applying it outside of ourselves. 


Fully understanding one's own Authentic Spiritual Authority requires deep reflection through experiential processes that help define truly what this is within us. It is not a thought process but rather a journey of discovery - which can be supported by traditional connection practices. 


Knowing oneself is the only way to create healthy relationships outside of ourselves. 


The modern world is full of information about how people think life works. However, not all of it is helpful. The modern human-centric model of life is not supporting all life to thrive. Therefore, we need to be mindful and perceive what is actual spiritual authority and what is a human belief of what that is.


In this webinar, we will offer ways to understand and find your own authentic personal spiritual authority to help you navigate and tend the relationships you hold.

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Innate spiritual authority - our human birthright 
  • Instinct and intuition - original spiritual communication 
  • Developing connection to self
  • Personal authority 
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Healing the wounded self to personal spirituality
  • What is authority? - an Indigenous spiritual understanding
  • Life education through ceremony 
  • Embracing the male/female authority 
  • Attentiveness and intentionality
  • Tending the future generations  


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