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Working With Altars - The Vertical Alignment

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In this webinar we will focus on working with altars and the rope to creation that every human being can create and learn how to navigate.


Altars are often misunderstood and lots of problems arise because of this confusion. Understanding what altars are and how to work with altars is an important concept for all human beings. Understanding altars is to understand the sacredness of life. 


As human beings we are uniquely gifted with the potential to work with altars in this creational process. 


Altars can be understood to be access points to creational powers which can be worked with to support and regulate the creation - to be in health and happiness. 


Working with an altar of creation means knowing what power of the creative you're activating and knowing what needs it addresses. Healing lineage teachings and wisdom traditions teach us how to understand altars and develop clarity of communication through the vertical rope of connection to the Powers of Creation. 


There are many different altars that are available that can be accessed and worked with. To be initiated into working with altars requires commitment. We must approach with humility and deep desire for life. We must come to know ourselves completely and develop the clarity of spiritual communication.


Through understanding and working with our vertical alignment we can understand the altar and our own personal "medicine". 


We are indeed a potential altar in ourselves. 

Join us for this webinar to understand the many different forms of altars and how we can develop the vertical connection to work in profound ways with the true powers of creation itself. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • What are altars?
  • Why do altars exist?
  • The Altar of Self
  • Human being's ability to work with the powers 
  • True Powers of Creation 
  • Commitments to Life - The reason we can work with creation 
  • The vertical rope - Developing the connection to power
  • We have to listen!
  • Accessing different aspects of creation - The why?
  • Different altars for regulating different aspects of creation
  • Vision Questing - Seeking to work with an altar of creation
  • The responsibility of walking with an altar
  • The path of learning to carry an altar

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