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Ancestral Tending - Part Two - Processes of Healing

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In part two of our ancestral tending webinar series, we will focus on what we can do once the connection to the ancestors is activated. The healing that needs to take place for a positive future is the duty of our lifetime. 


Developing healthy connections to the ancestors opens the doorway for great healing to occur. If we embark upon this process, we can move stuck patterns from the past and bring them back into the flow of life. Doing this will affect all areas of life, in the past, the present, and the future. 


Movement is paramount to life. Nothing in nature is static, and anything that becomes that way eventually dies. Many disconnections have occurred in the past that have brought about wounds and griefs that, because of not being within an intact culture that understood the need for healing, have not been brought back into healthy alignment to life. The consequences of this are what we are experiencing as our reality today. 


Offering true forgiveness to the ancestors is something only we can do.


There are many processes of healing that can take place on an ancestral level and how we can go about this is the topic of discussion for this webinar. There are simple everyday practices that continue to tend and deepen the relationship with the ancestors, and there are more deeply rooted patterns both in us and within societies at large that may require deeper forms of healing and cultural repair.


We can start with the healing required within our own ancestral line to have a clearer, more impactful opportunity to shift the greater cultural patterns of the past that are detrimental to life. To do this, we must know ourselves fully, and then we can observe what is outside of the self that requires healing. 


Join us for the second webinar on ancestral tending and learn about the healing processes that can help bring about a more positive future.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Deep listening - Felt sense of the ancestors
  • Knowing self and others
  • Developing a good relationship with the past
  • Praying for our own and other's ancestors
  • Healing stuckness and creating balance
  • Unhealthy patterns
  • Cultural repair
  • Ceremonial honoring of the ancestors
  • Tending the relationship daily
  • Processes for healing the ancestors
  • Forgiveness of the actions of our ancestors
  • Dealing with this now, so we don't pass it to the children - Time is running out.


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