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Connection as a Way of Life Gathering - Canada

2-day Gathering October 15th -16th 2022

Ontario, Canada 

$275.00 USD

Registration Closes Oct. 7th extended to the 10th!


The Connection as a Way of Life Gathering is an opportunity to immerse in two days of deep connection practices that fully support Life. 


This unique two-day event will be filled with teachings and practices to develop and deepen the connections to Self, the Natural world, and Spirit. on Saturday evening, there will be an opportunity to participate in a traditional transformational ceremony to support life.


This event will be facilitated by Helpers Mentoring Society's founder Sal Gencarelle. Sal will pass on the teachings through guided experiences and direct mentoring. This is a chance not to be missed, coming together and experiencing the power of these processes for yourself is how we can grow on every level of our being—heart, mind, body, and spirit.


What you can look forward to at the gathering:

  • Purification Rituals
  • Deep Nature Connection
  • Ancestral Ceremony
  • Transform grief and loss 
  • Community and friends on a path of healing
  • Group Mentoring 
  • Connection rituals to work with for yourself into the future
  • Opportunities to tend Life 


Location and Date

  • Ontario Canada, October 15th and 16th 2022. The gathering will take place at a private site in Holstein, Ontario. Camping is available on site. The event will be self catering. 


  • $275.00 USD


This gathering is open to those who are ready to deepen their connection to Creation and Life. 


By immersing yourself in the experience you will enter into learning and growing in the most profound way. Your heart, mind, body and spirit will be nurtured and brought together. Clarity of understanding will be attended in a way that transcends words or thoughts. This is when we become fully alive and our work as the Helpers of Life can truly be empowered.


If you're completely new to Helpers Mentoring Society gatherings, you are very welcome to come and participate. This is an opportunity to have a deep, immersive experience into the transformational practices that we offer. We invite you to feel just how potent these teachings can be on your overall well-being.


If you've attended the gatherings before, then you know what to expect. Immerse yourself as the Helper, knowing that through the doing, all that you are seeking in order to grow and heal into the next layer of connection will be gained through the experience.


At the heart of the Helpers Mentoring Society is a unique, powerful and ancient body of wisdom. It is linked to the creative powers of the unseen, the natural world and the original purpose and destiny of humanity. These teachings are not just theoretical or philosophical - they have been tried and tested in the crucible of life and guided by real-life experience in modern times.  


What you will come away with from the gathering:

  • A new understanding of well-being and vitality
  • New ways of tapping into your own unique creativity and spirituality
  • A better understanding of the profound layers of connection between people, nature and spirit
  • Ways to create transformation for yourself and others through ritual and advanced connection practices
  • Experiential understanding of how these connection practices can help heal humanity



You can get a full refund if it becomes impossible to travel due to Covid-19, or you can apply the funds to other courses/events. 

Child Care:
We cannot provide childcare at this time - but we welcome care providers to join the events. You can bring your children and a care provider. 

If you want to be a part of humanity's spiritual healing come and join us in Canada this Fall. We will look forward to seeing you there! 


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