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Heart and Song Day - UK

Sunday, May 15th, 2022 - 10am - 4:30pm - Bedfordshire, UK

Join us for an introductory day with the sacred songs and drum

Cost - $150.00 USD 


This day will be all about developing a relationship with one of the four sacred gifts given to people across the world, the Drum. In combination with Spirit-given songs, this can become a powerful vehicle for healing and change.


When we approach the drum in a connected (sacred) manner, it can teach us about the rhythms that unify all things and our power as human beings to influence the rhythms of life.


The songs contain spirit-given instructions gathered and passed on for generations. Through learning and singing them with connection and respect, we can tap into the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom contained within them. Through practice and deepening our engagement with these sacred songs, we can begin to perceive how life works and apply this understanding here upon the earth.


It is said that the Creator does not communicate in words. It communicates through song


The songs combined with the sacred drum offer much more than the rhythms and melodies they are comprised of; they affect the creation and, when used in connection, can promote healing and change within life itself. 


Join us for a day of developing and deepening your relationship to the sacred gift of the drum and the wisdom held within the songs of this lineage. 

Cost - $150.00 USD

Here is a little of what you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself at the event.

  • The Drum - One of the four sacred gifts 
  • Utilising the drum to bring unity 
  • Rhythms and vibrations as part of creation
  • Spirit given songs for understanding life
  • Developing your own relationship to the spirit of the songs
  • Experiencing Spiritual heat
  • Songs as a vehicle for spiritual communication
  • Conduct - being in good alignment with the sacred
  • Practical techniques for working with the drum and songs 


Upon purchase we will send you joining instructions for the day including what to bring and where to go.


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