About Us

Helpers Mentoring Society is a social enterprise which delivers educational programs internationally to teach the cultural practices of indigenous peoples.  These practices promote systemic thinking and practice as a way of bringing us back into balance with each other and with nature.  They are pathways to deep nature connection, community building and positive mental health.  A share of profits from Helpers Mentoring Society is fed back into the First Nations and other indigenous communities from which these teachings are sourced.  Additionally the educational programs themselves are offered pro bono to the youth of those communities, which are among the poorest in the US.

Vision – Helping people to live with hope and purpose so that all life thrives. 

Mission – To provide the tools, teachings, and direct mentoring as passed down from cultural lineages for individuals and groups to ensure the manifestation of their highest potential. For humanity to live in cultural perpetuity.

Actions – We offer opportunities to transform out of disconnection. We provide immersion into time tested techniques which develop stronger empathic relationships to all forms of life. We teach strategic re-connection design principles and how to implement transformative techniques.

Values – Helpers Mentoring Society holds that all people desire to reach their highest potential in connection. We hold that this is only possible in concert with other people and the natural world. We understand that self-actualization in combination with community is what creates the highest form of well-being, power, and virtue.

Ethics – We work with partners and affiliates to increase accessibility of the connection practices to all people regardless of any self-imposed human story. We follow our values in our personal lives. We remain in alignment to the Vision of Life. We maintain our relationship with the wisdom of the ancestors. We take brave action in service to the future generations. We use our creative ability for the increase of health and happiness for all the human and natural world in balance.


Salvatore Gencarelle, Founder, Director, Lead Mentor

Salvatore Gencarelle is a cultural bridge between traditional healing ceremonies and the modern world. His experience includes an intensive mentoring period requiring both dedication and sacrifice, spending 17 years as a ceremonial guide, creator and singer under the direct supervision of a Native American healer. Salvatore is now a carrier of multiple indigenous lineages and wisdoms from around the world. Salvatore’s immersion into lineages of deep healing has also helped him to better understand the universal aspects of connection and healing that reach across cultures and time.

Salvatore is also an artist, photographer, freelance writer, a musician, and a former Paramedic of 17 years. He has worked as a healer in both the indigenous and the modern world. He currently offers online universal teachings and travels around the world teaching and helping others learn from his experience. Offerings include personal re-connection immersion journeys, year long connection facilitator training, quests, personal and organization consultation, and teaching on the tools of re-connection.

Anthony Gencarelle, Instructor

Anthony Gencarelle is a mix of European and Native American descent and he comes from a lineage of medicine people.  Born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation during his youth, he was raised in the traditional teachings of the Lakota culture and the ceremonial practices of the Lakota have always been a part of his life. Anthony was brought up with traditional sweat lodges and other ceremonial practices guided by his maternal Grandfather, a renowned Yuwipi healer.  He has also been inducted into a lineage of trackers and occasionally travels with Salvatore as a helper.


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