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What Is Healing? - A Lineage Perspective

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

Defining Healing: 

  • What is right - that which supports and increase the biological diversity. 
  • What is wrong - that which destroys life's diversity.


A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. ~ Aldo Leopold


We have a concept of righting the wrong as passed down through the lineage teachings:

Mission Statement - To right the wrongs for health and well-being now and in service to the future generations.


What increases physical manifested life? Just to be clear, there life in spirit and there is physical life. They are not the same. 


  1. Working with to the spirit energy to bring about the conditions which physical life can exist and thrive. Creating the healthy environment.


  1. Working with the spirit energy to support the current and new manifesting forms. (Being in right relationships to change).


Bushman wisdom - the ropes of connection. Working with the spirit energy of the ropes to increase connection between:

  1. Self and creation
  2. Creation and creation
  3. And for some, others and creation


The healing of nature is intimately tied to the healing of humanity.


Where to start - the healing of self.


“The Wall of Grief”

What gets in the way of building the ropes needs to be healed.

  1. Historical trauma
  2. Personal trauma

The process of building the ropes is an act of healing - connection is healing.


Wicozani na wowiyuskin – Healing and embrace the gift of life (happiness)


What does the healing journey entail:

Knowing self-better: what are your passions, your motivations, your beliefs, and rules. And what are your shadows, your demons, your capacity for destruction and disconnection. What is your genie (genius)?


Willingness for growth: Must courageously face walls of griefs; your wounds, traumas, disconnections, even life events and move through and past them. It will involve pain. Tap into your warrior spirit of higher service. Ritual of humility.


Motivate to action: Must take steps which support healing. Organize beliefs and rules of life towards congruent action. So many distractions these days. Go to nature. Go towards for what brings more sense of connection and avoid that which pulls you off healing (watch for the Trickster), find support, ceremony, mentoring, community dedicated to healing. Pay attention to what your view (where your eyes are drawn).


Healing the timeline:  Healing the timeline involves expanding our modern concept of time and our relationship to place. Change the relationship to cause and effect. Act in manner that recognizes the ancestor’s karma and your effect on the distant future generations. Engage with healing the ancestor’s wounds that show up in you and your society. When acting consider the long-term effect. 7 generations, 200 years at minimum.


Build relationship to place: Commit to healing your relationship to the land that you reside on (even if temporary). Build a felt sense of connection - rope of connection (umbilical cord) to the Earth, your immediate landscape and local environment. For some, who are the indigenous people of the land you reside on? What is the history of your location post modern history?


Accelerated healing: lineage "medicine" -  Karma sped up and amplified. Lineage of amplification. Exponential growth. Be ready for rawness and striping away of illusion. Must be humble.




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