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Vision Quest Report 2023 - Listening to Spirit and Increasing Healing

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2023

In early October this year I embarked on the annual overnight Vision Quest. This quest is held as part of my responsibility in managing Helpers Mentoring Society and all the communities touched by the teaching we provide. As I do each year, I pray and ask for guidance for how to move the spiritual healing of humanity forward in the best way, and for any information that needs to be shared to the Helpers community. 


This year’s quest was unusually challenging to me. Typically, I experience a sense of serenity and calm as I enter the quest. I also typically experience physical comfort during the quest. This year that was not the case. I experienced a sense of tension on a mental and emotional level for much of the quest. Physically I struggled with the cold, even though I have previously quested in MUCH colder weather. The spiritual communication was also challenging to receive and filled with warning. I was happy when the long night was over, and I could return to the warmth of my home.


The primary message from the Vision Quest was that the changes in the world (especially the human conflicts) could accelerate. Ideological conflict, natural resource exploitation, power/energy scarcity and food supply issues could drastically increase over the next years. I was shown the environment will also become more unstable, particularly the atmosphere. Weather patterns will be more severe with greater winds and water. The synopsis of this message is that change is coming and that we need to deeply listen to the guidance we receive – especially in emergency situations. It may come to the point where our ability to hear the spiritual guidance determines our (and others) immediate fate.


As community leaders, ceremonial facilitators, healers, helpers, and guides, we should reflect on how well we are living in connection, communication, and relationship with unseen Powers of Life. Are we truly listening and if not, why? What is blocking us from hearing the quiet voice of spirit and how can we step into greater healing to remove the blocks? As Helpers, our personal healing is tied to the well-being of so many others. Fully embrace the ways of healing as a service to life now and into the future.


The quest also showed the great need for people to access the healing power of ceremony. The only way for that to happen is for more ceremonies to take place. To me, this means that we need an increase in ceremony facilitators and to create support opportunities for those already doing the work. I’m currently reflecting on how myself and Helpers Mentoring Society can address this need. In the weeks to come we will be announcing new offerings and opportunities for those called to take greater steps towards learning the skill and art of facilitating ceremony and connection events for others.  


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