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Vision Quest Report 2021 Part 3 – The Animal Nations Message

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2021

This is the final message that I can share from my Vision Quest this year.


Each Vision Quest for many years, I’ve been visited by a spiritual entity that I call the collective consciousness of the animal nations. This spiritual energy reveals itself in the quest as a shimmering mist that takes on shapes of various animals and delivers a message to be shared with the people.


This year’s message revealed future changes coming to the natural world and provided guidance to the people


The first part of the message revealed that many people around the world need to continue to take responsibility for tending the region they reside in. People working with the Sacred Tools should continue to pray for the environment and all the natural beings who live there – creating “safe spaces” for both the local and migratory animals. Through prayer, attentiveness and deep connection – people will be guided as to how to tend the natural (and human) world.


Students who have learned (or are learning) how to create protected areas for animals and people should continue to grow their understanding, connection and impact. A true human being in combination with the Sacred Tools is a powerful (and needed) force for healing and transformation.


The second part of the message is about the future changes. The balance of nature is rapidly changing as the conditions of the natural world shift. The animals are adapting to new conditions of the world. In the future, animals will look different than they do now but will continue to find a way to live – even by taking on new forms. As long as human beings, like you, continue to support life and dedicate yourself to healing – nature will find a way.


Finally, the Tree of Life is greater than any species, but human beings were given the responsibility to tend life long ago. The Tree of Life is tended by humans through our prayers and informed actions. When we hold the Sacred Pipe, we are holding the Tree of Life. When we pray with it, we are praying with ALL the animal nations. Remember the words of the sacred songs – “With all my relatives I want to live”.


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