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Vision Quest Report 2021 Part 2 – "No Charging for Ceremony"

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2021

After the 4 days of purification, I was finally ready to enter the sacred Vision Quest. My mind was finally clear from all the cluttered stories that had been knocking around in my head. My heart was at peace and not caught in the swings of emotions – and for the first time is a long while I felt robust joy from the teaching of humor that was recently revealed. My body felt strong and limber after detoxifying over the past four days. The voice of my spirit was louder and clearer than it had been before. Now I was ready to quest.


The Lineage Vision Quest that I go on each year is ultimately a part of my responsibility to be of service. While many people might Vision Quest for personal reasons, such as for “power or growth”, there comes a point in the spiritual learning journey that you realize true power is only accessible by being in service – by being a “Helper” to the Powers of Creation. The Vision Quest is a way to connect to actual power and to be guided by what is moving in the Vision of Life.


These spiritual traditions are a living and evolving relationship with creation so new and/or clarifying teachings can come through Vision Quests. One of my responsibilities in questing is to be informed on what is occurring on the spiritual realm and what new understandings are to be shared with people.


During the night of the Vision Quest while in the sacred altar, I prayed, “Is there any messages for the people?” This prayerful question was asked on behalf for the people that learned medicine and ceremonial practices from me - the students of Helpers Mentoring Society.


The response to this question was delivered resoundingly. In a loud, booming voice from above, I heard the words "No charging for ceremony". The clarity in which I perceived this message from was forceful! I felt this voice in my heart.


This rule is not new, it is one that I have heard many times from my human mentors and teachings while they were still alive. While this spiritual law may at first seem straightforward and simple, upon deeper investigation the complexity reveals itself.

The questions that arise when considering this law included:

What is ceremony?

What is the value/energetic exchange that is part of ceremony?

What are the grey areas (i.e., mentoring and teachings)?

How do we heal the current disconnect between value exchange in and around ceremony, without creating a price/charge?


Over the past weeks after the quest, I had several great conversations with people trained in ceremonial healing practices. We all agreed that creating barriers to healing is a big part of the issue with charging for ceremony. In the USA we have many barriers to healthcare all tied in some way to the financial cost. It is outrageously over-priced lifesaving medication that people cannot afford or procedures that bankrupt the recipient – financially ruining a family. It is also health insurance that makes you pay them before and after going to a doctor. The arrangement that ties healing to money is a corrupted system.


We all agreed there should be no financial barriers to accessing healing for anyone. Our individual health is intimately tied to everyone’s well-being. The Covid pandemic has made this reality clear. One person’s sickness could make all sick, so healthcare needs to be accessible to all or we’ll have a sick society.


When it comes to earth-based ceremony, humanity’s health is understood to be intimately tied to the well-being of the environment. So, people’s access to healing is a concern that extends well past the human species - to all of nature.


Many ceremonies have restrictions other than a financial cost – which is a topic beyond this blog.  


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