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Vision Quest Report 2021 Part 1 – The Teachings of Humor

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2021

As many of you know, each year I do an overnight (or longer) lineage Vision Quest. This year I completed the quest on September 2nd after going through four days of purification rituals. As part of my responsibility to teach, lead, and be a “Helper” of creation I must enter deep communion with the Powers of Creation and the Great Mystery – asking for guidance, support, and healing for all.


During the four days of purification leading up to the quest there were many auspicious occurrences and deep insights. The smoke from massive fires burning along the west coast and Rocky Mountains of North America clouded the sky and dimmed the daylight at my quest location. On the third day of purification the mid-day skies turned dark orange and the evening crickets began to sing in the eerily still air. The world seemed to stand still for a few hours – conveying the message that the imbalances in nature are worsening and need our prayers and actions. In my mind I asked, “What can we do?”


What came to me, juxtaposed against the dimming light of the day was memory of the humor of my Native American teacher. I remember the laughter we shared and how he would find humor even in the most serious or challenging situations. There were countless occasions I was brought to tears with laughter from his humor. While thinking about these joyful times in the past, I gained new insight into humor as part of the basis of life - and why it’s so important in these crazy times we find ourselves in.


The insight that came into my mind first reminded me of a teaching I has heard long ago. The teaching is that the spirit of the stone has a deep and often tricky sense of humor. The Medicine People who work with the stone know of this humor. It’s understood that the stone doesn’t take existence too seriously. Perhaps it is because the stone is the oldest of all creation and holds the deepest wisdom of life. The stone is the foundation of life in the entire universe. At the core off all the celestial bodies, you’ll find the stone. So, the stone and its humor are literally the underpinning of creation – which means all life is imbued with humor.


For me, I have always leaned towards taking life seriously. I wrestle with the challenges humanity has created. I focus on confronting the pain and suffering of the world. I search for healing and how to “right the wrongs”. If life is a play, then I would  put it in the epic or drama genres – but what I was being shown is that life could also be understood from a comedic perspective. That perhaps the play of life was more humorous than I had ever considered. Especially from an unattached observational view, people and their actions are incredibly funny.


As I explored this insight, applying it to the current state of the world – especially to politicians – I began to chuckle. Pretty soon I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. So many aspects of human life were hysterical when witnessed through the humor.


Why is this important?


I asked this next question in my prayers and it was revealed that humor holds unbelievably healing. As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter realigns us with the foundation of creation – the spirit of the stone and its humor. To be aligned with the stone is to be aligned with life force energy. The healing power of humor extends beyond our own wellness, it also can powerfully impact the healing that humanity and the world need currently. In addition, it can help us to better navigate the pain and uncertainty that we are currently facing - and will most certainly be dealing with in the future.


To access this type of humor we must rise above and detach from the struggle of life in the moment and understand existence from vast awareness. Perhaps true ‘enlightenment’ can only be found in humor?


So, if you find yourself getting to bogged down by problems, difficulty, and the tensions of life, take pause and let go of your attachment to the situation. Witness the issue as if you are not emotionally invested - as if you were watching a comedic play. Can you find the humor? Let the laughter rise up and shake with joy!


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