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The Potential of a Connected Human Being

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020

We know that a connected individual can help the healing of others, but can we physically impact our environment through our own connections? Can we bring balance back to nature and have it thrive once again? In this video we explore what true miracles are possible if we walk a connected life. We call this the Helpers Journey and it is one of the reasons we created our 8 month program of the same name to help create truly connected human beings. 

Motivate by the love of nature and the earth - How can I help?

Knowing that human have a capacity that is untapped -but how to access it?


Story of meeting Godfrey – witnessing miracles – can I do this?

  • Learning what are the consciousness of creation – the unseen powers
  • Learning the consciousness of nature – the layers of creation.
  • Learning the Visionary states.
  • Coming to understand my own humanity.

Experiencing the connections – making relationship with it all.

Becoming the immune system of the earth .

Created Course – The Helpers Journey

  1. Connection with Visionary states – through creating alignment (Understanding and Rituals)
  • What is the Vision of Life.
  • Sacred Balance within.


  1. Relationship Principles
  • The parts of self -and how to work with this.
  • The universal principles of connection to others.


  1. Connection to Nature
  • Coming to understand what is sacred – and how to access sacredness.
  • Creating Personal Altars – to connect to sacredness within and in nature.


  1. Connection to the Unseen
  • Understanding the consciousness of ‘spirit’.
  • Developing spiritual communication – discerning / defining what is spiritual communication and developing this ability.


  1. Connection to People
  • What is our collective purpose.
  • How can we find peace with ourselves and each other – accepting that peace can be a reality.


  1. Connection to your higher self and purpose
  • What is Vision, Gift, Purpose, Fulfillment.
  • Helping to find fulfillment.


  1. Connection to Your Part of the Vision of Life
  • The ropes of connection become your power.


  1. Connection to Gratitude for the Jounrey
  • How to work with gratitude to sustain your life journey.

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