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The Cross Roads Of Healing

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020


After years of investigation, I believe that many of us subconsciously know that our life is not meeting our deepest needs on some level, yet we accept the world as it is.


We know that life is supposed to be more. It should be filled with interconnectedness, nourishing experiences, growth, learning, and the actualization of our creative genius. Subconsciously we know that life is meant to be an opportunity to explore what it means to develop a self-identity, to be in relationships with others, to understand our place in the universe.


Unfortunately, we were born into societies that are unable to meet our fundamental needs. We know something is not right in the world; something is lacking that we cannot quite put our finger on. We instinctively know that our inner spiritual center is not being developed the way it is supposed to be.


By the time we consciously understand this as adults we already have the culmination of years of lack of guidance and support. Many people have unseen injuries created by trying to conform to a sick society. In this modern area of the Disconnection Sickness, we are sacrificing our spirits and our well-being on an altar of disconnect. We have become spiritual malnourished. As a result, we have deep invisible wounds. These wounds need acknowledgement and healing. 


Fortunately, the truth of well-being still resides within us. The human spirit is stronger than any dysfunctional system, society or lie. Within us is the resiliency of adaptation and the ability to heal. 


If one can accept this truth and be motivated into healing anything is possible. It is time to acknowledge the fact that we need to live a new way of life. To make the dream of connection a reality. But, we must take action. 


Why is action critical to creating change? Without putting inspiration into action there cannot be manifestation. When inspiration strikes and the ropes of connection pull you to take a new path in life, then you have a choice to make. You can continue the road you are on or step onto the new path healing. 


Take bold steps and begin walking to your destiny of healing. Right now, consider what traveling a path of healing and living fully could be like. Can you see yourself totally happy and living absolute fulfillment? Is that something that excites you? I know it does me! 


We are drawn to beautiful ideas and teachings that open new doors for healing, but without fully engaging in action then nothing changes. Sometimes you just must put all doubt to the side and just do it! Otherwise, the reality of well-being will stay in the realm of imagination. The time for action is now, as your well-being and the future health of your family and the Earth depend on what is done now.


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