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Questions of Power - Wisdom

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

How would you like to take the helm of experiences you have in life? Do you know that you have the power to guide what unfolds in your life? This ability is found within the power of questions.

I want to give you a precious gift of hard-earned wisdom. There is something to know about how to phrase an inquiry that is critically important. It’s important to understand that what you ask about, and how your phrase the question determines the answer you receive. I’ve talked to thousands of people who struggle with this concept because the words we commonly use don’t accurately convey the thoughts that are within us. We use vague generalities and then expect concise and exact responses.

As we go on the connection journey, we are called to higher forms of excellence in all areas of our life. Using words powerfully means that we need to have our hearts and minds fully connected and communicating. Then we can ask the questions in a way which will give us the answer we seek.

Another gift of wisdom that I can provide is about the way in which profound questions are answered.  Answers in response to deep questions don’t arise out of your expectations. If that were the case, then you’d already know the answer. Powerful questions come from real needs and having expectations is like blinding yourself to what is already known.  So, in essence, how the answers arrive is typically different than what is expected. Let go of any expectation about how the solution will reveal itself to you, and then you’ll be able to actually accept the answer when it comes.

The answers to profound questions come from the events we live after asking the question. Asking questions to the universe is not like typing a problem into an internet search engine. You don’t get a list of possible answer popping up in page after page. What you get are the situations in life. The universe answers your questions through the experiences that you live. These experiences are perfect responses, customized to you, that stimulate your growth, understanding and new awareness. These experiences are opportunities for you to develop a more refined sense of self-awareness.

Not many people are taught or grasp this wisdom of life. We don’t realize that the experiences we are having are based upon what we seek the answers to.



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