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Personal Rituals of Alignment to Maintain Connection

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2023

In the modern age people have forgotten that the ultimate choice we have is what we align with and dedicate our lives to. Instead, people unconsciously allow themselves to become subject to the will of others. Many forces seek to place their orientation upon us, so it is essential to be clear on what alignment you are choosing. How you decide to engage with life shapes your reality. If you align to creation and the energy of creativity, you can access powerful resources. There is vast support available from creation once you’ve made the committed choice to ally with creativity. 


Choice of Context – What are you living for? What are you dying for?

There is an ancient understanding that every person is a universe unto themselves – no 2 people are exactly alike in their perceptions of the internal or external.

Within your universe, choice is the God “like” power you’ve been given. Choice is your ultimate power – but choice can be manipulated by external forces. This happens in a few different ways:

  1. Making you believe you have no power of choice. (Domination of free will).
  2. Setting up limitation of choice (controlling/emphasizing limited options)
  3. Prioritizing superficial choices (often based on lower-level needs – stability, change, significance, connection)

Holding a clear and focused “Choice of Context” allows you to develop your reality – but you must come to understand yourself and the Vision you carry. What is the ideal scene that you were born to manifest? What is your life’s dream?

What dissonance do you perceive between the way the world is as to what it “should/could” be? What are you sensitive to?

Once you know the dream you were born to help bring into the world then you have a choice to dedicate yourself to it – give yourself to this Choice of Context.

After the commitment is made then comes the journey of learning HOW to manifest this.

Supportive actives which help one find their Choice of Context, commitment to the choice, maintain the alignment to the choice, and continual grow into the choice.


Rituals of Connection and Resourcefulness
Rituals are ways of conditioning us and our habits as we want helpful patterns. We want practices that provide a more profound sense of connection and a deeper relationship. We want habits that build up our ability to be effective in this world, which help us to grow and allow us to offer service and contribute at the highest level that we can be.

Category of Rituals:

  1. Maintaining “Spiritual Sense of Creativity” aka Inspired Creativity – Remembering your WHY as state of being (with feeling) and recommitting to your Choice of Context. Reinforcing with Gratitude to “own” choice Rituals Gratitude - Morning Water Ritual
  2. Purification Rituals – Knowing that we can get clouded, challenged, misaligned, depressed, despair, or distracted.  Remembrance Technique, Elemental Meditations, Quest Spots, Quests, Water/Smudging, Music, Sounds.
  3. Growth Rituals - Attentiveness and Intentionality - The Sacred Balance, Attentive Writing, Mentoring

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