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Nature is Speaking - Do you Hear it? - With Jacqueline Buckingham and Salvatore Gencarelle

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2020

It is our birth right as a human being to be able to connect to nature. Connection is great but what do we learn from the interactions with others? When a being of nature sits close to you do you ever get the sense that it is communicating with you? This is occurring all the time if we have the ears and the awareness to hear it.


In this video both Jacqueline and Sal will explore the connection between human beings and our natural relatives on this earth and delve into the relationship that is present between us and how we can learn to perceive the messages that are so important at this time. We will look at how through these relationships we can seek guidance in our lives. Nature is reaching out to the human family in loving desperation for us to change and live in a different way. Join us to learn to hear the messages that can inform us how to live.


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