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Language of the Land Camp 2023

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2023

The Language of the Land, our annual nature connection camp was held at the end of June 2023. The participants had opportunities for various nature connection activities, including tracking, plant medicine, swimming, hiking, fire making, sensory awareness, sharing stories, and gratitude. This year the children got a special treat when we rented a boat and a tube to pull the kids around the lake. The weather was beautiful with hot days and cool nights - and we were blessed with powerful thunderstorms. All of the campers enjoyed the beach and swimming every day. We held a community campfire every night.


The Language of the Land camp is a cultural exchange for the participants – for people of diverse backgrounds to meet and spend quality time in nature connecting to the truth of our common relationship to the natural world. It is also an opportunity for the Native American youth to reconnect to the land and remember their old kinship with nature. 


There is no fee for the Native American participants and we at Helpers Mentoring Society are dedicated to providing nature/cultural immersion and educational opportunities for Native American peoples. Many people around the world support this venture, and for that we are deeply grateful!




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