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Helpers Gatherings and Events - Creativity Embodied

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2022
Helpers Mentoring Society
Helpers Gatherings and Events - Creativity Embodied

Helpers Mentoring Society is an organization, but it is also a community of people around the world working together for cultural repair. Our organization’s Vision is the creation of a society of people who are trained to be experts what we generally call connection – specifically what call ceremony.


The ceremonies we work with are powerful processes to support the renaissance of true culture (connection to self, others, nature, and the spiritual aspects of life). Ceremony is a necessary component in cultural repair because what prevents or limits connection is grief and trauma, and what heals grief and trauma is ceremony. Grief can be understood to be a psychic wall preventing the activation of connection. Dissolving this wall is often beyond modern treatments. But the seeds planted by ceremony grow and break down the wall with their roots. During the Helpers Gatherings and other in-person events held by Helpers Mentoring Society we focus on that as primary mission.


One of the incredible by-products of breaking down the wall of grief is how much inner creativity becomes accessible. Creativity is a force of the universe and is activated in all the ceremonies at the Helpers Gatherings. Tapping into creativity is like tapping into the mind of the Creator itself. When we go into these connective and creative experiences we re-align with the flow of life. This opens all sorts of possibilities for new forms of healing, problem solving, inspiration, and ingenuity.


The in-person events held by Helpers Mentoring Society are filled with many forms of creative expressions. New songs, games, painting, sculpture, dance, and new uses of language to describe connection are just a few ways creativity arises in these gatherings. To appreciate and share a bit of this with you all I’d like to present a song by Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer. This song came to Sofia during her time upon the land at night during the gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Sofia is an incredible artist. Please visit her link below to learn more.


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