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Happy New Year and Connecting to the Dreamtime

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2022

We’ve now transitioned into the New Year – 2022 according to the Gregorian Calendar. For many of you I’m sure the transition into the New Year is felt biologically, and perhaps even celebrated during the Winter Solstice. For me, there is a palatable sense of pause and then renewal during the Winter Solstice – and by this time, now over a week later – the lengthening days can already be ever so slightly perceived.


It is important to honor the rhythmic cycles of nature, not just in words or in a day of celebration, but by allowing the great natural rhythm to guide our inner rhythm. In this day and age of artificial light and human controlled environments, we can become more easily disconnected from the ancient and natural rhythms that have guided and shaped humanity for millennia. It is now necessary for most people living with modern conveniences to consciously recognize the natural flow of life and to align to it through mindfulness and synchronized actions.


In the northern hemisphere nature is in a time of quiet purification. The cold, snow, and frozen waters cause all the moving beings to slow down, pause, or even take their final breaths. The trees and plants are said to be in a deep sleep during the winter. Many animals also slumber or go into statis – most likely also entering profound dreaming.


This is the natural rhythm for us in the northern hemisphere – and we can align to this cycle by taking a pause and tap into the dreamtime also. This is the time of year which supports reflecting on the lesson of the previous year, releasing attachments to the past, and connecting into the dream of creation – allowing the dream to inform and guide you into the coming year.


In traditional wisdoms which have informed Helpers Mentoring Society’s teachings all say that people connecting to the dreamtime is critical to humanity’s wellbeing – and natures also. The process of creation is instructed first by the dream of manifestation. It is understood that there is a Great Dreamer from which all dreams originate – the essence of the creative potential. We can consciously connect and tap into the Great Dream and be informed and guided by it – if we so choose.


I would like to encourage you to take some time over the next days to explore the idea that there is a dream of creation – and a Great Dreamer. In some of the traditions, the Great Dreamer is the darkness herself. You might better connect to this original consciousness of creation by embracing the long nights, turning off the electric light in your bedrooms, close your eyes and sleep deeply. As you drift off to sleep ask for guidance on what you need to know and what activities will need to be taken during the coming months. The time to dream of what will be and what actions are to take into the future is now.


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